Do you need a mooring? We are in an excellent position on the idyllic Macclesfield Canal merely an hours cruising from the Trent and Mersey. At Heritage Marina we offer boaters overnight, short term and long term moorings. Our moorings have service bollards with low level lighting, water and the electrical hookup.

Heritage Marina offers easy access to the Macclesfield, Trent and Mersey and Caldon and Welsh Canals from Scholar Green in Cheshire. We offer excellent moorings in the idyllic Cheshire countryside, overlooking the Cheshire Plains.

We will serve your boat with diesel and pump outs 7 days a week 9 am to 5 pm. (check for closures over Christmas!) We aim never to refuse these services even on our busy turn round days: our customers are always welcome.

Boatyard facilities available

At our Heritage base we offer:

  • Moorings (upgraded 2003) with car parking facilities
  • Full boat yard facilities – gas, diesel, water & pump out
  • Boat and engine repairs, maintenance, painting and sign writing
  • Well stocked Chandlery and gift shop


We offer the following services:

Short term moorings

  • Nightly Rate ÂŁ18 per night
  • Weekly Rate x length ÂŁ2.00 per foot
  • Monthly Rate x length ÂŁ5.35 per foot

VAT included (Paid in advance)

Long term moorings

  • Quarterly ÂŁ10.61 per foot plus Vat (or ÂŁ12.74 per foot inc Vat)
  • Six Monthly ÂŁ20.31 per foot plus Vat (or ÂŁ24.38 per foot inc Vat)
  • Annually ÂŁ36.26 per foot plus Vat (or ÂŁ43.52 per foot inc Vat)

VAT included (Paid in advance)

Other services

  • Electricity

    Electricity credit cards, suitable for our meters, are supplied with a payment
    of a ÂŁ5 deposit. This card can be loaded with as much or as little as desired
    and will be designated to a specific post.
    Deposit and any surplus credit will be refunded on departure.
    Purchased from Heritage Narrow Boats available from the chandlery

  • Pump Out

    ÂŁ19 per standard tank/ toilet

    ÂŁ1 elsan desposal (free to moorers)

VAT included (Paid in advance)

Click on the following link for our Mooring Fees 2020